As part of his detailed approach to the mortgage process, Coach Zach has created a checklist aptly named “Your Mortgage Fundamentals” outlining in detail each piece of documentation required to complete your transaction in a timely manner.  The documents on this checklist are the base fundamentals for any mortgage process.  Having the fundamentals down is key to success in any venture.  There is nothing worse than being at the goal line and not being able to score.  Coach Zach will prepare you from the beginning for what will be needed and what to expect.  “If you fail to prepare, you better prepare to fail.”



Basic Needed Documents:

  • Most recent thirty (30) days of Paystubs

  • Most recent (2) years W2’s

  • Most recent (2) years Signed/Date Tax Returns

  • Most recent (2) Months Bank Statements



(*additional items may be needed following loan application. Coach Zach will provide a personalized mortgage fundamentals checklist for each of his clients.)

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