No Talent Needed

No Talent Needed is a podcast hosted by Zach Williams.  He believes that no talent is needed to be successful in life. Hard work, positive attitude, being kind, and loving one another are all things that require no talent.  Every Wednesday a new episode is released where Zach has an in depth one on one conversation with business leaders, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and overall interesting people. 

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Guest Appearances

Zach is an avid podcast listener so when he gets the opportunity to be a guest on one and share his expertise he jumps at the chance.  Below are a few of the podcasts he has been on. Enjoy!​​


  • American Negotiation Institute

    • How to Negotiate with Banks with Zach Williams

      • In this episode, Zach discusses the various that a consumer can negotiate with a bank including residential and commercial loans. ​

  • The Fine Print with Attorney Jen Routte
    • ​Episode 32-Credit
      • In this episode Zach and host Jen Routte discusses the credit and its effect on purchasing a home, how it impacts other facets of life, and how to keep your credit scores up.