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To err is human. We all make mistakes with even the best intentions. With as many moving parts that is the mortgage process there is certainly open opportunities for mistakes to be made. Maybe a payoff was calculated lower than what it really is or the estimated escrow amount is higher than initially quoted. A mistake on any part of the mortgage process does not bode well for obtaining future business from this disgrountled client. Mistakes or errors look bad regardless of whether they are big or small. Consumers are already weary of trusting someone working with their money or financing their home. The key to overcoming these occasional mishaps is by completely owning and taking responsibility for the error. In any job where you work with people and your trust and integrity are an integral part of your business, ownership of error and asking for forgiveness will actually help reinforce your committment to a positive customer experience. Many sales professionals are fearful to answer that phone call from the disgruntled client, whereas I embrace the challenge, own it, and make it right. I bring everyone closer together and fix the issue. If a client is having difficulty overcoming a mistake I work hard to make sure they understand there was no malintent but rather a hiccup in the process. My approach to the mortgage process is through education and transparency. I lay my cards out on the table and make it right.

I encourage each of you when the ball is dropped to own it and make it right by the client. No smoke and mirrors to make yourself look better. Accept responsibility because your reputation, integrity, and success in the future depend on it.

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