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We all have resources available to us. Whether it’s monetary, fuels, clothing and even food, but what about your human resources. No, not the department at your employer who makes you fill out extra paperwork, but rather the contacts and relationships you have with other people. Those human resources can be a valuable asset both personally and professionally. Utilizing ones human resources is often referred to as “social capital”. According to scholar and author Robert Putnam, social capital “refers to the collective value of all ‘social networks’ and the inclinations that arise from these networks to do things for each other.” Your business may benefit from utilizing the skills and attributes of a current or previous relationship in the same way they could benefit from allowing you to help them. Building stronger and deeper relationships in a more narrow pool is far more beneficial than skimming the surface of a larger pool.

My own human resources allow me to be your go to person for all your needs. Not satisfied with your financial planner, accountant, insurance provider, painter, contractor, lawn mower, realtor, etc.? I am here to help you get aligned with someone who is going to help you the same way I would. Think of me as a deep contact in your narrow pool. Lets build a lasting relationship and maximize our resources together.

Call/text 740-398-4917 to get connected and allow me to help!

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