October 15, 2014


Blogging does not  come naturally to me and have struggled to come up with topics that I think would be interesting to a reader. But then it always dawns on me to do what I do best: Coach.  In this weeks update I am going to coach you off the real estate sidelines.  Get in the game!

Are you worried that you missed the boat on a low interest rate? Well, not necessarily.  Although rates are certainly not at the lows we saw in 2011 and 2012, they are still significantly lower than even 10 years ago.  There is speculation that rates will climb in October when the Federal Reserve is expected to end its bond-buying program, which has been credited with keeping mortgage rates low.  Though rates aren’t expected to fly to the moon overnight, I caution you to know that even just a 1% increase in rate can sigificantly impact you purchase power.  In a recent study done by contributor, Vera Gibbons, “…if rates were to go up by just 1 percentage point, your purchasing power would be reduced by a whopping 11 percent. To put this in further perspective: If you could afford a $400,000 loan at 4 percent mortgage rates, you could afford a loan of just $356,000 at 5 percent. An even smaller rise in rates — say from 4.5 percent to 5 percent — would add $75 to the monthly payment on a $300,000 house with $50,000 down.” Simply “waiting for the right time” could significantly impact what you are able to buy when you feel you are ready.  Get in the game!

Are you overwhelmed with the whole homebuying process? Relax! When you buy a home be proactive in your approach.  Meet with qualified professionals and other industry associates to help get you financially pre qualifed and ready to hit the house hunting at full speed.  I understand it can all be overwhelming and difficult to understand, but I’m here to help with any questions.  I will walk hand in hand with you throughout the process.  As any coach does, I will prepare you for the ride ahead. Get in the game!

Should I rent or buy a home? Buy a home! Investing in real estate is one of the most lucrative financial dicisions.  I understand that many millenials witnessed the hardships their parents dealt with created by homeownership, but owning property is still the best investment on the market.  They don’t make land anymore! It’s a limited commodity and if leveraged correctly, real estate can be a vehicle to financial prosperity. Get in the game!

I invite everyone to get in the game and stop watching from the sidelines.  Let’s get together soon over some coffee or lunch and discuss how we can make your financial goals a reality through real estate.  Give me a call/text @ 740-398-4917 or reach out to me at I’m looking forward to speaking with you!

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