I LOVE LEGOS! When I was a kid I played with Legos all the time. I loved everything about it; building a new set, rebuilding something new from older sets; and finding out which pieces best went together to make something cool. I could relate these same reasons to why I enjoy helping people with their home loans. I enjoy putting together a new set of Legos in the same way I enjoy problem solving on a new loan scenario. Every customer and client I help is a new opportunity with a new situation that can only be helped in a new way. Sometimes there are directions to follow; other times you can freestyle but the bottom line is putting the pieces together to solve the problem. Matching the clients income, credit scores, and assets is similar to matching the correct pieces of the Lego puzzle together.

I enjoyed rebuilding something new from older sets of Legos which is like helping a customer refinance to consolidate debt and minimize their monthly expenses. It’s still a Lego set, but I am rebuilding it with other sets to fit the needs of the client. In the end they are going to have something completely new and different but it comes down to finding solutions and fitting different pieces together to solve that problem. We have to find the right loan product that fits the individuals situation. There is no one answer to every situation. It’s fitting a Lego piece here and there until it seems right and the solution is found. If I’m trying to build a tall skycraper out of Legos I don’t want to use only the flattest of pieces. I need to make sure I am using the proper building blocks to come up with a solution to best help the client.

From building Legos to building Loans I enjoy problem solving and helping people. If you haven’t refinanced recently and still have a mortgage rate higher than 4%; you need to contact me. With the lowest closing costs in Central Ohio, we at Union Savings Bank work hard to make sure your experience is a positive one. We make sure that your loan is built to fit your financial goals in the short and long term.


Have a great week!

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