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I’ve recently come across a show on CNBC called “The Profit” with entrepruener Marcus Lemonis. The premise of the show is Marcus coming in and fixing struggling businesses to make them profitable. Although there are times it leans to the typical reality style show with overdramatic music and emotional agruments, the show really provides a foundation for building a successful business. Marcus has 3 main principals that drive the businesses he invests in and runs.

Product–Is the product offered a desireable or profitable product?

Process– Are the correct processes in place to properly distribute this product?

People– The people who make up the business must be hard working individuals with high integrity.

I’ve found that applying these principals to my own business has helped in the growth of my network and referrals. The products provided by Union Savings are second to none in Central OH. With our low cost porfolio lending we are able to directly match the needs of our clients situations with a loan product that will save them money and give them piece of mind. Our loan processing is down the hall from my desk, allowing me direct access to our underwriting staff in the event questions come up during loan processing. The process from origination to closing is quick and simple. I provide outlines of needed documents and create timelines for the borrower to stay informed. Finally, the people of the business work hard to make sure we get to the closing table on time. Our internal staff work just as hard as the loan officers to build rapport and create a positive customer experience.

The 3 P’s of a successfull business model have been implemented at Union Savings for quite some time. This is what has allowed Union Savings to grow and become the largest lender in Central OH by mortgage volume. Our focus on the 3 P’s has allowed us to keep our rates and closing costs low.

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