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Wow, the year certainly has flown by. It doesn’t feel that long ago that the real estate industry was gearing up for the spring selling season and here we are beginning to bundle up for winter. Even though many in the real estate industry go into hibernation during the winer months, others like myself, use it as a time to meet with clients and help them evaluate their financial goals, both long and short term. As the holidays near, many people visit with their families, travel, and enjoy the end of year celebrations to come, but they don’t take any time to evaluate 2014 and begin to set plans and goals for 2015.

Homeowners should begin to consider:

  • Do we plan on moving in the next year? 3-5 yrs?

  • Is our interest rate saving us money? Is there room to lower it?

  • Do I have equity in my home and if I do, what do I do with it? Do we want to remodel? Invest it?

Renters should begin to consider:

  • Am I ready to buy a home?

  • How much money do I need to buy a home?

  • When the house I like comes up on the market am I prepared to make an offer?

These are all questions that I can help with. I am ready to help you evaluate your goals and begin planning for your future. Allow me to coach you to the finish line. 740-398-4917

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