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After the hectic holidays and onset of winters grip, January is usually spent anxiously waiting for spring. Why not take the time to get ready for the year ahead? I have outlined below a few things you should be asking yourself to financial prepare for 2015.

  • Is the interest rate on my mortgage as low as it can be?

  • Do I plan on doing any remodeling this year? If so, do I have equity in my home?

  • Is there going to be a major life event in 2015? Was there one in 2014? (New baby, new job, college bound child, retirement, etc.)

I can help with each of these questions. If you are looking into the lowest rates or capitalizing on the equity you have in your home, I can help guide you to the solution that will fit your needs. Life events affect the way we spend money meaning they also affect the way we save money. It’s always best to be prepared for these life events ahead of time. Take the time to analyze your current situation and assess what your needs will be when you retire, have a new baby, or send your first born to college.

Leveraging your most important asset; your home, can help lead to financial stability and freedom. Allow me to help guide you through your options. I will assess your individual needs and we will come up with a game plan for 2015 together.

Coach Zach


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