February 4, 2015


Depending on your perspective, the ending to Super Bowl 49 will go down as either a great win or a disastrous mistake.  For those that may have missed the ending to the game because you were either pounding nachos at the snack table or asleep (like my wife), the Seattle Seahawks chose to throw the ball for the touchdown rather than run the ball with arguably one of the best running backs currently in the NFL. 


The water cooler talk Monday morning was centered on the poor play calling my Seattle Head Coach Pete Carroll. As a coach I don’t necessarily side with the Coach Carroll haters.  Hindsight is 20/20 and if the ball was caught then he’d be a genius for making that call.  My experiences in coaching have taught me one thing; players win games and coaches lose them.  This means that when a great play is made or a specific play is run with success, the praise is filtered toward the player.  But when the play called goes poorly, blame is typically placed on the coach. 


Coaching is a tough gig and not everyone can handle the heat when things go south but I’ve had my share of difficult play calls and have had them go both ways; good and bad.  It’s all about how you respond to the criticism; good or bad. 


How do you respond when things get tough? Take some time today to reflect and grow. 


Have a great week!

Zach Williams


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