Every woman that I know is a multi-tasker. Every man that I know can only do one task at a time.

Yet despite these differences we are all able to juggle what life throws our way. We manage to juggle our daily schedules - such as being there for our children, buying groceries, cleaning, laundry, getting to ball practice, and even selling your house while trying to buy a new one. We juggle relationships and all the nuances of those relationships with co-workers, clients and especially family members. Some people can juggle many aspects of family life at once with ease, others can barely juggle their own daily responsibilities, while several will attempt to do it all for everyone.

The key to juggling anything is balance. Balance is tough to achieve. To find balance myself, I work hard to prioritize what is important to me. There is nothing that gets pushed ahead of or prioritized over my family. My wife and children are the key to helping me balance my life. If I ask myself, “Is this helping my family do better?” and the answer is, yes, then I make it work in my schedule. If I answer no, then it gets pushed to the side.

Find your priority and your ability to juggle - life will get easier.

Zach Williams



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