Are you Above the Line?

As we approach the official beginning of college football, I have been eagerly reading about all there is to know about the coaches and how they prepare their teams. Coach Urban Meyer of THE Ohio State University has utilized a framework to get the most from his players year round. He has brought in the guidance of motivational speakers, successful business executives, and former OSU athletes to share their stories with his current players. Tim Kight, a leadership development consultant who Coach Meyer has gotten fully engaged in the buckeye program has help the buckeyes compete “Above the Line”.

Above the Line is a concept Coach Meyer utilizes that focuses on how ones behavior affects the outcomes of any situation. There is always a choice to be made; positively act Above the Line or negatively act Below the Line.

  • Above the Line actions include:

  • Ownership

  • Accountability

  • Responsibility

  • Below the Line actions include:

  • Blame

  • Excuses

  • Denial

These concepts are cross functional to business, organizational, and even personal development. Implementing Above the Line behavior in your business will help empower your employees to better service your customer base. Living an Above the Line lifestyle personally can help you achieve goals and outcomes that might not be possible if living Below the Line.

Coach Meyer is second to none in motivating his players but when I read about what he does to get his players ready it instills in me a fire to do better than I am currently doing. Since reading about and researching Above the Line behavior I encourage each of you to evaluate how you act in a given situation and make the choice of meeting me Above the Line.

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