Be the Solution

It happens far too often. You are in the meeting or sales review and the only thing people want to talk about or bring up are the problems. Problems with how your business process works, problems with how it’s being managed, or problems with the product overall. Instead of being the person who is focused on the issues; why not be the person who focuses on solutions to those problems? This new mentality that you bring to your corporate culture might open new business opportunities as well as professional opportunities in the form a raise or new job title. Nobody wants to hear about how bad the company is; we want to hear how someone is going to fix it. Offer solutions in meetings or one on one with your boss. Depending on what the problems are in the cooperation will depend on who you can confide the solution too. If your boss is part of the problem and is not offering any solutions themselves it may not be wise to offer solutions to them directly. You should have a feel for who you can go to in your business model to provide these solutions. Individuals who usually only focus on the problems will also only provide excuses and blame. Bringing solutions to the table allow you to show ownership and accountability of your business process, management, or product.

People want their problems solved. Be the solution.

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