Leadership Series Part 2 of 3: Building Culture Starts at the Top-Three Principals for a Leading Cul

​In Part 2 of 3 in our Leadership Series we discuss:

Building Culture Starts at the Top: 3 Principals for a Leading Culture

Every company has a culture. Young start-ups in Silicon Valley have a reputation of having a cool millennial culture. They have open lunches, sometimes unlimited vacation, ping-pong tables, and games, bounce houses, etc. You name it, they probably have it. This loose culture is indicative of the younger generations beginning to lead these companies. Like any corporate culture, it starts at the top with the leadership. As we explore leadership with regard to business and personal development we need to keep in mind some key principals in building and develop a culture within our organizations. These principals can be bread through the organization making all individuals accountable for the success of the organization.

Listening—Create a culture of listen throughout your organization. Allow people to feel free to speak their mind and offer ideas and solutions. This is more than just having a suggestion box. We need to build a sense of openness in such a way that people want to offer solutions. By providing answers and new ideas they begin to take some personal ownership of the organization which increases production and overall morale. As the leader—have an open door and open ear policy.

Motivating—In order to effectively motivate your team, the leader must first establish rapport and trust within the group. As leaders we must get to know those we serve. What are their likes or dislikes? What keeps them at your organization? Utilize this information to help motivate and encourage their success. Creating a culture of positive motivation is contagious within an organization. If we all learn to lean on each other, we can never fall down.

Attitude and Effort—Yes, that’s two things; making this list of 3 really a list of 4, I know, I know. But really these two principals go hand in hand. Building a culture around giving your best attitude 100% of the time and absolute effort 100% of the time will no doubt set the tone for success. Leading an organization full of individual’s half-assing a project is not ideal in any business. Take a stand as the leader of the group that anything less than their best in all aspects is unacceptable.

The culture of your organization will hinge on how you develop the individuals within it. Do they match the energy of their leader? Do they believe in what they are doing? Do they have a say? A positive leader will bring a positive culture to any group they lead.

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