Leadership Series Part 3 of 3: Are you setting expectations?

In part 3 of 3, we discuss setting expectations as the leader:

When we don’t know what is expected of us, we do whatever we want. People want boundaries. They want to know where the edge is. Individuals want routine and they want to know what to expect in any given scenario.

As a leader we need to set the expectations for those we lead. The following are some questions you need to ask yourself to see if you are setting expectations within your organization:

  • Do people know where they stand?

Either with you or within the organization as whole, people need to know where they fit within the big picture. They need to know how their role helps toward the greater goal.

  • Do they know the metrics on which they are being evaluated?

If you have sales goals in place but no one knows what they are you aren’t doing a very good job of setting the expectations. Leaders should set the standards and communicate what those standards are and how those they lead are going to be measured against those standards.

  • Do they know the consequences for meeting, exceeding, or failing to meet those metrics?

“I didn’t know I could/couldn’t do that”, is a common expression when someone gets fired. They didn’t know they needed to hit that sales goal, take that many meetings, or count for those number of widgets. Do they get something extra for exceeding those metrics? Will they be compensated for going above and beyond?

These are the types of questions leaders need to ask themselves as they begin training and leading their teams. If you take the time to set solid expectations and all individuals know where they stand, they can start doing their job or task to the best of their ability.

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