Keeping the Streak Alive

Two weeks into 2016 some of our new year’s resolutions and life style changes start to become even

more difficult. We start to find reasons not to exercise, eat healthy, or make that phone call for new

business. It’s hard to do what is necessary for success. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

The best way to stay the course is to keep the streak alive.

I once read that a young comedian started writing everyday to make himself a better. He started with a calendar and would make a big red “X” after he wrote 2 pages that day. After a few days he noticed he was getting better at writing and had amassed a streak of red X’s for several days. He then challenged himself to “not break the streak” of red X’s or “keep the streak alive”. To this day, Jerry Seinfeld still writes everyday and marks it on the calendar with a red X.

His motivation was to keep the streak alive. He didn’t focus on writing good material everyday but to just keep the streak going and making a habit out his activities

. The more he wrote, the better he got. The challenge is now to keep your streak alive. As you work toward completing your personal and professional goals for 2016 you must understand they won’t be completed overnight. You need to keep the streak alive daily.

Do something every day that will help you reach those goals you decided upon on January 1.


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