Poor Economic News Favor Mortgage Interest Rates

Last week the talking heads on cable news declared early January as one of the worst beginnings to a year for the stock market. Investors were frantically selling as it dipped lower and lower. It has since stabilized but it still has many people worried. For us in the mortgage and real estate industry, a dip in the market like that helps tremendously. When the stock market dips, mortgage interest rates follow; allowing us to provide low rates on our mortgage products. These low rates allow the average consumer and homebuyer to afford that dream home they have been saving for. When the Fed raised rates in December, there was some real concern of its effect on the housing market. Four weeks into 2016 and in the short term our rates are still low and competitive.

Helping people find their home and provide that sense of accomplishment that comes with owning a home is why I do what I do. Regardless of market conditions, people will still want to be able to buy a home. The American Dream is still very real to many families. Having low rates and mortgage products to help a new family and first time homebuyers is a special opportunity that I relish.

-Your Mortgage Coach Zach



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