The Rocket Mortgage?!?!?

Quicken Loans has rolled out a new process for getting a mortgage and if you have watched any TV in that last month I’m sure you’ve seen it. The Rocket Mortgage. Fast and convenient. Exactly what ever consumer wants.

I’m no NASA scientist and I’m not totally positive on this but…

Doesn’t it take several years to build a rocket fit enough for space travel?

Do we always buy the fastest car? No—if we have a family we buy something sensible for safety and reliability. We want to make sure that what's under the hood is going to get you from point A to point B efficiently, not just the fastest way possible regardless of the process. I'm sure the rocket mortgage is very fast, but is it really doing you justice. Do you know if you really qualify for that loan? Can you rest your head on the pillow knowing your loan is going to be completed in a timely manner without any hiccups or having them say, "Oh, sorry, we thought we could do the loan, but can't..."?

Aren’t all the fastest things in life the most expensive or unhealthy? Cars, planes, boats, fast food…if it’s fast, it’s probably not good for you.

The purpose of the ad campaign is to sell speed—I get it, but it’s very gimmicky to me—people desire honesty and genuineness. Homes buyers want to work with a face, a warm hand and a bank they can rely on. Rockets are explosive, the fuel is volatile, and you’d be putting your life in danger if riding in one. The only thing I need a rocket for is to go to the moon, and I don’t plan on traveling that far to find my next house. For the sake of planet, I hope we don’t have to look that far for housing any time soon.

Rockets are made of cold metal, are very mechanical, and lifeless.

Your community bank is comprised of smiling faces, knowledgeable individuals who care personally for your situation, and underwriting professionals within arm’s reach. As our world progresses toward drone delivery and online mortgage approvals, I work hard to keep some semblance of traditional banking with a digital twist for today’s tech environment. I offer online document processing and digital communications while still building lasting relationships with my clients and their families. Automation is everywhere in todays economy, but purchasing a home is definitely something you are going to want real life person helping with.

Fast isn’t always better. But it can certainly make things worse.


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