2 things that will make or break your mortgage pre approval!

As we head into the spring and summer buying season many house hunters are working to get pre approved before they start actually looking at houses. Getting pre approved before you start the search for your dream home is essential to the home buying process. Without a pre approval you don’t know how much house you truly can afford or how much you may need to put down. The pre approval is pretty simple and only requires a conversation with a mortgage lender to find out the specifics of your financial situation. I have narrowed down 2 things that can make or break your pre approval or the ability for you to purchase a home.

  1. Credit— paying bills a little late is no longer acceptable. You need to have a history of established credit in which you pay regularly. Your credit score will determine the rate and pricing of the loan which will then determine the monthly payment. Carrying an excellent credit score provides you the opportunity for the best possible deal on your mortgage.

  2. Debts—If your expenses eat up more than 45% of your income every month, it’s time to review your budget and establish a plan towards reducing those expenses. Loan guidelines dictate how much debt someone can carry in order to receive an approval on a loan. Having too much monthly debt can kill your opportunity to get a pre approval.

Poor credit and high expenses will squash your chances of a pre approval and force you to potentially wait much longer to purchase the home of your dreams. Be diligent in budgeting and you shouldn’t have a problem.

I can help you determine how prepared you are to purchase a home. I provide comprehensive pre approvals discussing all of the options available. Call/text 740-398-4917 or email zach.williams@yourstatebank.com for your free consultation.

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