Be The Guide, Not the Hero

We all want to be the hero. We watch films of hero’s rescuing damsels in distress or saving an entire city from an alien invasion. We want to be the ones to save the day, to fight against evil, or restore order in chaos. We want to be the knight in shining armor. This holds true in our professional lives as well. Our innate desire to be a hero can cause us to get in our own way at times. In the financial or real estate service industry we all want to swoop in and save the day for our clients, but let’s think about this in a different way.

Every person wants to be the hero in their own story. I don’t want someone else to be the hero in my personal story, but I might need a guide to help me on a specific journey. Our clients feel the same way. They want to be the hero of their story and might need a guide for their own journeys in life. I contest that as a mortgage advisor, real estate professional, financial advisor, or those who work in another service industry, we need to focus on being the guide for our clients not the hero. Let them be the hero of their own story and when they need a guide on the journey toward home ownership or financial security, provide them with the map to success and be sure to note any treacherous territory in order to keep the path smooth for the journey. Provide guidance and inform them of the choices they may have along the way. People need a guide. Use the expertise you have in your field of service to help your client be the hero in their story. You be the guide.


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