This Social Media App Will Take Your Social Marketing to the Next Level

Social Marketing for today’s businesses is a multi-million dollar industry. Being able to effectively reach out, connect, and converse with consumers online is crucial in today’s environment. As we all work to build brand awareness and stay relevant in the marketplace we need to keep our fingers on the pulse of social media. I have found a helpful tool and application that will take your social media marketing game to the next level.


Attempting to post the same content across multiple platforms can be a time consuming task for any on-the-go entrepreneur or sales executive. Buffer connects with your social media accounts and will post across all of those platfo

rms at the same time. You can even schedule when your content gets posted to ensure its effectively reaching the most people on that particular social network. In addition to scheduling your content, Buffer has another content creation platform called Pablo.

Pablo is a quick and easy way to create visual content for your social marketing. You may upload your own photos or use one of the 50,000+ images they provide. Social media is a visual game and being able to create content that the average person will stop scrolling their feed and click on, is crucial to connecting with and staying relevant with consumers. Pablo’s easy to use platform is great for this.

Buffer is only one of hundreds of social media marketing applications that can be utilized for building your brand. I recommend finding one that works for you and your social marketing needs.

What other apps do you use to help build your branding and business? Comment below.

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