How a Cold "Reach Out" Can Lead to New Business

We follow, tweet, and passively watch as people we admire appear to do cool things online. We watch them make the sale, meet cool people, and travel to exotic places. Or maybe we watch our business hero’s on TV, listen to them on podcasts, or read about them in magazines and books. We think to ourselves, “I wonder what they are like in real life. “ or “I’d love to pick their brain on business/fashion/real estate/etc.”.

I’m here to tell you that you can find out for yourself. Reach out to them. Send them a note. If it’s someone who lives in your city or area, ask them for coffee. Be courteous with their time, but don’t be afraid to ask them out.

It’s like walking up the coolest kid in school and asking them to the big dance thats coming up.

Maybe you see them on social media a lot and notice you share the same interests; Reach Out. Putting yourself out there and extending the hand can be very frightening. But what’s the worst case scenario…they don’t respond and you continue on with your life the same as you were before.

The best case scenario plays out a lot better.

You could meet for coffee, find out you share similar interests, get connected to someone they know, and maybe you find your next client, friend, or business partner. This all starts with simply reaching out.

Some research suggests that “cold” emails turn people off. That might be true but if done in the right way through a short, concise, and complimentary correspondence you can grab attention.

Below is an example of one of my own “Reach Outs” below:

Hi “their name”—

I really like the content you have produced and the marketing you are doing for your website. It looks like you are doing great with your new business. Are you open to grabbing coffee sometime this week? I like what you are doing and would love to chat business and business development. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


I keep it clear and concise while complimenting their work. I don’t explicitly ask for anything in return. I truly am only looking to make a new connection. For a “Reach out” to work effectively you must be genuine in your approach.

Any ounce of “sales-y” will leave you dead in the water.

Asking the coolest kid out to the dance was always the scariest thing to do in school, but quite honestly the reward significantly outweighs the potential risks. Reach out, make those new connections, and begin to build your network in an honest and organic way.


Share success stories in the comments!

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