Face your Fears

This has been a great week for me personally and professionally.

Professionally, I have had a great week of closings, in contract buyers, and new pre approvals.

Personally, and what I am most proud of this week, is my wife. After much discussion and deliberation, she quit her job and is starting an online women's fashion boutique. Her drive to make this happen and ability to let go of any fear associated with the decision is inspiring. The freedom she feels from her former corporate career is fascinating to watch. She is excited everyday to check something else off of her "to-do" list for the business. The energy in the house is electric. Our basement looks like a small warehouse holding all the inventory ready to be sold.

This post is really just to say that I'm proud of her and eager to see this business grow.


Go to www.thegemmashop.com for updates.

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