Late to the Party

Let me start by saying—I’m not a sharer of information. I’ve never felt comfortable sharing too much about myself on social media. Just enough to stay relevant, but not too often or overt. Well, as they say, “times change”. As a millennial myself, I’m somewhat embarrassed to be confessing this, but I just joined Instagram a few weeks ago. I feel so old just admitting that I’m just now coming to this platform. I have now succumbed to the social media gods and am working to share more about myself and how I can help people buy homes. I'm a bit late to the social media party, but my goal is to post videos and images to help followers get to know me better.

You can follow my social media development by connecting on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



Your Mortgage Coach



Zach is a Mortgage Advisor with State Bank in Dublin, OH. He writes and speaks regularly on personal finance, business development, and leadership. His focused approach on educating clients through the mortgage process allows him to help hundreds of new homeowners each year.

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