I Love Real Estate

Real Estate is so cool. Houses, land, commercial property, the business of it all, finances, and the wealth potential that comes with it; I just love real estate. I may not be a realtor but I am still directly involved in real estate transactions which allow me to be a participant and at the same time be an observer of the market.

I have real estate in my blood. My grandfather started building a rental business while raising 5 kids in the late 60’s and early 70’s. Although some of the properties may not have been in the best neighborhoods, he understood the value of real estate and potential returns on the investment. The properties he collected were held for passive monthly income rather than flipping them as is commonly done today. He knew the importance of monthly cash flow while holding these rental properties as a key to future wealth and financial freedom. He has since let go of his grand rental business but still holds some small commercial properties which allow him to live freely well into retirement.

Leveraging real estate for financial freedom and creating passive income is such a fascinating principal to me. I love everything about real estate. Differences in houses, how a remodel can adjust value, how a small investment in a kitchen can pay huge dividends, or how lowering the rate on your mortgage can free up cash to be further invested, all pique my interests. Some may argue that real estate is a risky investment because of various economic factors, but historically real estate will appreciate in value more regularly than many other investment platforms. I also advise people to invest in things that they know. I don’t know anything about the next big tech firm whose stock is really hot right now, but I do know that I can control the outcome of a remodel or house flip.

Take some time on your own and do some research to see how real estate can provide you financial freedom or how your mortgage can facilitate this freedom through the right financing products. The content available online can be overwhelming. There are podcasts, websites, services, classes, books, eBooks, videos, and much more. I suggest you connect with a local mortgage lender and realtor in your area to see how you can start investing in real estate. They will have their fingers on the pulse of the real estate market in your area and be able to provide options available to you.


Zach is a Mortgage Advisor with State Bank in Dublin, OH. He writes and speaks regularly on personal finance, business development, and leadership. His focused approach on educating clients through the mortgage process allows him to help hundreds of new homeowners each year.

Learn more about Zach at www.


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