Tough Decisions

Life gives you tough decisions to make. The tough decisions challenge the way you think and how you regularly operate. But these challenges presented are only there to help mold you into a better person than you were yesterday. Each decision is an opportunity to grow up and grow out of a previous shell of existence. We are presented with difficult questions that often times have difficult answers. We often know deep down what that answer is but we still struggle to come to terms with it. We either don’t want to believe it or won’t accept the change that the decision will cause in our lives. We try to find solace in these tough decisions but that usually won’t come until time has passed and we have reflected on the impact that the challenging question had on us. Every decision we make has carved us into who we are today. We are simply a culmination of all the decisions we have made over our lifetime. Whether those decisions are good or bad, right or wrong, they still have made you who you are today.

When faced with difficult decisions and those challenges to your current pattern of living, keep in mind that change is progress. You must make the difficult choice or decision and move forward with no regrets. Accept your fate under this new challenge and make the most of it. Work hard to grow and find that next challenge or tough decision. Because behind one difficult choice is usually another. Its how you respond to those tough decisions that truly matters.


Zach is a Mortgage Advisor with State Bank in Dublin, OH. He writes and speaks regularly on personal finance, business development, and leadership. His focused approach on educating clients through the mortgage process allows him to help hundreds of new homeowners each year.

Learn more about Zach at or find him on instagram @mortgagecoachzach.

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